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Size 5 Nylon Coil Zipper By The Yard, Brown Detail Page

Representative Image of Size 5 Nylon Coil Zipper By The Yard, Brown (ZIP-AA010))
ZIP-AA010 : Size 5 Nylon Coil Zipper By The Yard, Brown
Now you can make any size zipper with this size 5 nylon coil zipper by the yard. It's really easy to thread on the zipper pulls (if you have any doubts, see the tutorial on our blog) and you can make your own custom-sized zippers in a flash. Nylon coil is incredibly sew-able, too! To make the stops all you need to do is sew a simple satin stitch at the end of the zipper. For a more professional look, we have metal zipper bottom and top stops.

This is beautiful quality zipper yardage. The 5 mm zipper teeth (or chain, if you will) are nice and chunky, perfect for handbags. The teeth / coil match the color of the tape. Brown zipper yardage is a nice, chocolate brown color. The tape is 1/2" wide on either side of the teeth. Total width is 1-1/4". Need pulls? We have a nice assortment of metal pulls to coordinate with our zipper yardage: ADD LINK

All of the pulls we offer work great with this zipper yardage. But you should note if you already have pulls, very often pulls will not be compatible with other zipper coil. We can only guarantee that our pulls and zipper yardage will work perfectly together. Also, this zipper yardage can only be used for closed end zippers (it won't work for separating zippers).
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